Behind the Brand

Hey. Heather here. I am the founder of Pälish, My Aussie Mix Tizzi and Yorkie Mirassou are in the photo with me. I am a former swimmer and triathlete and a current adventurer and crossfitter. I take great care to maintain myself physically and watch what I put on and in my body.

I like to be polished and feel put together but don't have hours to spend or an endless bank account to do so. I was also tired of so many cosmetic companies telling me that if I didn't look a certain way or use their product that I wasn't "enough".

That's sort of how Pälish got it's start. My skin started reacting terribly to the skincare products I was currently using. So, I started researching what was actually in those products. My adverse reactions to my current products jump-started my pursuit of products that not only worked the way I wanted them to, but were authentic, natural and would have a positive effect on the overall health of my skin. 

Pälish is  a line of natural products with a focus on the overall health and wellness of the skin, products that are simple and yet effective and that can make anyone feel great in their own skin and just as they are.